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Have a story to tell? Writing a blog allows you to reach a wide audience with more detail than you could ever put in an advertisement. We’ll continually add to this blog section, and you can download these blogs to post for yourself, or you can pull the information from them as you see fit. Click on the blog to view, or you can copy and paste the text into your blog.

  • There’s Change in the Air.

    The importance of indoor air quality has been in issue in extended care facilities for decades, and now there’s a better way of solving it that [...]

  • Understanding Air Purification

    While you can’t do much to control the outside air, you have the power to manage your indoor air. All indoor spaces face common environmental challenges, [...]

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Greentech is active in several social media outlets, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as a Pinterest page. You can use your own social media pages to promote your Greentech products and increase your sales. We have included several copy options for different vertical markets. Just download or copy and paste the text and click and copy one of adjoining photos (you can also drag it to your desktop after clicking on the image).


Extended Care


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We’ve written email content that you can use directly for your own customer list. You can customize the emails to meet your needs. Click to view and download the content or copy and paste into your email.

Products Now Available

Use this email template to let your customers know about the Greentech products you now have available.

Understanding Air Purification

Use this email template to let your customers know the importance of air purification and how Greentech’s products can help.


We have ready-made ads of various sizes for you to download and use for your favorite publications. Click on the ad to download a camera-ready .pdf at 300 dpi, considered the standard for print advertising.

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