Case Studies: Retail

 pureAir 3000+

Nail Salon

  • Product : pureAir 3000+
  • Technologies: PCO/ODOGard
  • Test time: 5 days total – measured in real time
  • Test space: 1200^2ft. nail salon
  • Test administrator: IAQS

  Results : 83% reduction RPC and 60% reduction TVOC

“Nail salons are a harsh indoor air environment, with contaminants continuously being introduced. Both qualitatively and quantitatively, there was a measurable and significant decrease in all air pollutants monitored as well as the presence of odors. The ongoing source of air pollutants was ever changing and fluctuating in intensity, but the decreases that were reported were during the working day when they collectively were at their peak.”

– Keith Roe, IAQS

There was no detectable level of ozone.

TVOC Airborne 60.00%
HCHO (formaldehyde) Airborne 57.00%
Respirable Particle Counts Airborne 83.00%
PM 2.5 Airborne 68.00%
PM 10.0 Airborne 78.00%