Greentech Technology deactivates indoor pathogens

We are located in the North Hall, Booth N7120.

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There’s been a lot of excitement about our air purification products, and we would love to show you why.  What sets us apart in the industry is our multi-pronged approach to air purification:

Working with Janitorial and Sanitation companies has been a priority at Greentech since 2009. No matter the size of the space, Greentech’s proprietary technologies provide the most comprehensive purification, 24/7, and do it more cost-effectively than cleaning supplies and chemicals.

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Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO)

Bi-polar Ionization

ODOGard® coated Filtration

Here are a few of the top solutions for Janitorial and Sanitation:

pureAir HVAC In Duct Air Purification

pureAir HVAC

The pureAir HVAC, our in-duct purification solution

Greentech pureAir 750+ Wall Mount

pureAir 750+ Wall Mount

The ideal solution for areas without ductwork.

Why Our Customers Choose Greentech

Legacy of Quality Engineering

World-class products, uniquely designed for your specific purification needs

Pioneers in the purification industry

Leveraging multiple technologies to create the most effective purification solution for your environment

Lab and field tested for efficacy and safety

Proven to more effective than single-technology solutions against indoor air contaminants

Quality customer service and support

Our customers know they can depend on us to provide best-in-class support, whenever they need it


Active HEPA+ Logo

Be sure to stop by for a sneak peek of our newest product, the pureAir Active HEPA+, and enter the drawing to win one. We’re happy to share our excitement with you.

pureAir Active HEPA+ Units


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